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Beta Club  

Sponsors: Ms. Falise (room 710) and Mrs. Walton (room 708)

Beta Club Activities for the Second Semester


The items in green are the project that you are still able to complete.


Yarn Collection – We will be collecting yarn for a group that works with the Red Cross making blankets for families who have had a house fire. Bring in two skeins of yarn to Mrs. Walton or Ms. Falise’s room. This will continue through the first week in May.


ACTS- We will be collecting pasta, macaroni and cheese, rice, and pork and beans to donate to ACTS. You may bring this to Mrs. Walton or Ms. Falise’s room. This will continue through the first week in May.


Epworth Children’s Home –Bring in any size dress socks or pantyhose.

They will be given to the boys and girls at Epworth to be worn to church.



Valentine’s Day Project –We need students to help put Valentine’s Day goodies together for KMS. We will meet on February 9th from 3:10 -4:00. Listen to announcements for when to sign up.


KMS Beta Club Celebration- Month of March

Shout Out- Turn in a “Shout Out” about someone in our club who is helping others and you feel deserves to be celebrated. Pick up a form outside of Mrs. Walton’s room and turn it in by Friday, March 4th. Just write a sentence or two describing what someone else has done that deserves to be recognized. All the “Shout Outs” will be entered in a drawing for a prize. They will also be displayed at the Beta Club inductions.

Student/Parent Picture-Was your parent a Beta Club member in middle school or high school? Submit a picture of you and your parent(s). In the picture create a sign that mentions Beta Club. Bring these pictures to Mrs. Walton by March 11th. We will display these pictures at the Beta Club induction ceremony.

Be a Bunny-Easter Baskets for the Elderly – We will have a meeting after school on February 19th .3:10 – 3:30. This program is sponsored through the United Way of Aiken County. You may do this project on your own or work with a group of two or three. You or your group need to gather “goodies” to fill a basket for a senior citizen in our community. Then on Friday, March 11th , we will meet in the library to put our baskets together. The Beta Club will provide the basket and the covering for the basket. After we get the baskets together, there will be snacks! Plan on being here on that Friday from 3:10 – 4:00.

Inductions- Our induction ceremony for new members will be held on March 17th. We will need current members to help with giving out programs, serving refreshments, and cleaning up. You should be here at 5:45 if you are helping. We will have a sign up sheet for this in March.

Multiple Sclerosis Walk- There will be team planning meetings for this project throughout March. Listen to announcements for when the meetings will be held. The walk will be on the morning of April 9th at Odell Weeks.

Beta Club Spirit Day/ Beta Celebration Party - Friday, March 31st – 3:10- 4:15 -Come to the Beta party decked out in Beta Club colors, black and gold! Come join the fun, food, and fellowship. The best spirited Beta Club member will win a prize!



Multiple Sclerosis Walk- The morning of April 9th at Odell Weeks

Chocolate Fundraiser- During the third week of April, we will kick off our only fundraiser. We will sell World’s Finest Chocolate bars. The money is used for school and community projects throughout the next year. More information will be given as the time gets closer. This fundraiser was delayed until the fall.

Baseball Buddies This is a great project. In the past few years, we became buddies for children with disabilities. We assist them in playing baseball and cheering for them. As the time gets closer, we will have the dates. This project was canceled because the city decided to not use students to help the children; they are using only adults.


***You must participate in two projects this semester. ***


 Officers:  8th grade President- Abigail Heyward, 7th grade President- Rebecca Bolin, Vice President- Christine Mathew, Secretary- Haley Huynh, and Historian- Kristin Sprinkle