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Any new student entering Kennedy Middle School must be enrolled by a parent or guardian to begin school.á The following items are required in order to enroll:

*TWO Proofs of Residency-This must be in the form of either a gas bill, electric bill, or mortgage/lease agreement.á Telephone bills, letters, and driver's licenses cannot be accepted.
If the bills are not in your name, the person whose nameáthey are.áin will need to have a Proof of Residency form filled out and notarized. Then, the TWO proofs of residency must be attached to the form. It is recommended for that person to be with you when enrolling your child.

*Proof of Guardianship-If a student does not reside with his/her natural or adoptive parent(s), legal guardianship approval through the court system is required for the enrollment of the student.

*Proof of Immunization-South Carolina law requires that all entering students provide immunization information.á Students from out-of-state will have 30 days to comply. All 7th graders are required to have the T-Dap vaccine.

*Official Withdrawal Documentation-Students must have proper documentation from their previous school including fax and phone contact information to request school records.

*Birth Certificate

Please be prepared when enrollingáyour childáand bring ALL of this required information to the Guidance Office.

Call 803.641.2470 with questions.